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Dr. Entre's Foot Peel Masks
Lavender Scented with Botanical Extracts

Specially formulated for softer, smoother feet in just 1 usage.

Dr. Entre's Detox Foot Pads
100% Natural, Lavender and Rose Infused

Premium ingredient combination for the most effective cleanse and deep sleep.

Dr. Entre's Foot Balm
Made in the USA with Organic Ingredients

Includes grade A waxes, butters, vitamins, and essential oils for superior relief.

Dr. Entre's Callus Remover Kit
The Complete All in One Callus Removal Package

Made in the USA with everything you need to combat cracked heels, calluses, and corns.

Dr. Entre's Pumice Stones
Double Sided with String to Hang Dry

The perfect 2 in 1 double sided pedicure tool for spa results in the comfort of your home.


"The issue was a callus on a toe. It was causing discomfort . To attempt a fix a purchase of Dr. Entre’s Callus Kit was made. This was to have multiple tools available for the attempted fix. It has been a week and no more discomfort.
The money spent on the kit was well worth it. I can recommend this product as it worked for me." Shop Dr. Entre's Callus Remover Kit

EntreFeet Customer- USA

"Great pumice stone! Unlike some, these do not dissolve into dust as I use them. They work better than traditional stones. They also hold the dead skin until they are washed off, which is a definite plus as I use them on dry feet. They are an essential tool in controlling my dry foot problem." Shop Dr. Entre's Pumice Stones

EntreFeet Customer- USA

"Love the detox foot pads I feel so refreshed in the morning already." Shop Dr. Entre's Detox Foot Pads

EntreFeet Customer- UK

"This foot mask is perfectly packaged and delivers on its promise! I LOVE this product. It makes my feet feel silky smooth every time I use it. I definitely reccomend this product." Shop Dr. Entre's Foot Peel Masks

EntreFeet Customer- USA

"I have tried every, and I mean EVERY foot balm/lotion, and this is, by far, the best! I was in the Army for 10 years so even though I do take care of my feet, they always remained calloused. But just after two days of using this, my feet aren't quite baby soft yet, but the callouses are gone! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" Shop Dr. Entre's Foot Balm

EntreFeet Customer- USA